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How to take INVEGA®

INVEGA® is the only oral medication approved for the treatment of schizoaffective disorder. INVEGA® should be taken as directed by your doctor. INVEGA® is available in 4 dose strengths. Only your doctor can choose which dose is right for you.

What does INVEGA® look like?

INVEGA® is a small tablet. Each INVEGA® tablet strength is a different color.

Schizoaffective Medicine
Not actual size.
*The efficacy of the INVEGA® 1.5-mg dose has not been established in adult patients.

How does INVEGA® work?

INVEGA® releases its medicine over a 24-hour period. As the tablet passes through your body, it gives off the medicine at a constant rate.

The medicine in the INVEGA® tablet is contained in a nonabsorbable shell. This shell will leave your body in your stool. If you see the shell, do not worry. This is normal.

Be sure to take INVEGA®:

  • As instructed by your doctor or pharmacist
  • By mouth
  • With or without food
  • With a liquid
  • Do not chew, divide, or crush INVEGA®